Welcome to Fairlington Villages!

The December Board Meeting will be on Wednesday, December 7 at 7pm.  The Zoom link is below (please call the office for the passcode).

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The December Management Report is available on TownSq or in the Management Office for review.

The cleaning of all flat roofs as well as the gutters in the 2 and 3 story buildings started today, November 28.  Gutters in the townhomes will be done once this first phase is completed.

Please join us for Morning with Santa at the Community Center on December 10th from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m.  Children can enjoy snacks, coloring, storytime and visiting with Santa.  This is a great opportunity for parents to take photos of their child visiting with Santa, conveniently close to home.

This event is hosted by Fairlington Villages and the Activities Committee.  We need volunteers to help with the event.  To volunteer, please use the link below.


We look forward to seeing you there!

Fall Leave Recycling

Leaf recycling is a sustainable landscaping practice that is handled in two phases by the landscapers.

During the earlier and later parts of the leaf drop season, the contractor typically addresses lighter amounts of leaves in parking lots and streets by mulching them back into the lawn areas. The mowers are equipped with mulching decks that also contain a special mulching blade to reduce the leaves into a fine leaf compost which becomes fertilizer for the grass. Care is taken to avoid an unhealthy accumulation of leaf compost to any one lawn area which can kill the grass. Both stand-on and backpack blowers are used to direct the leaves into larger turf areas for a more uniform disbursement by the mulching mowers.

During the heaviest leaf drop period the same process of leaf mulching occurs, but leaf pick-up also becomes necessary. Leaf removal/pick-up requires the contractor to utilize backpack blowers and stand-on blowers to create piles which are moved by tarps to a designated pick-up area. Pick-up is done by large vacuum trucks and the leaves are all taken to Arlington County for recycling into compost. 

We know this can be a dusty and noisy process, but it is necessary to handle the pileup of leaves in a sustainable way, so we appreciate your patience.

Check out the December Newsletter!

  • Promenade the kingly Phase 1 of the perimeter fence
  • Avoid a tow in the New Year with a 2023 parking decal by December 30
  • Keep Santa’s Path Clear
  • Review the Board of Directors’ role in Fairlington Villages
  • Shine a spotlight on Repair and Replacement Reserves
  • Join us at the Annual Holiday Party on December 1
  • See the Jolly Ol’ Elf on December 10
  • Be sure to read all 12 pages of this month’s newsletter!


If renovations contemplated to your unit include:  (1) The removal of vinyl flooring, (2) Replacing the attic insulation, (3) Impacting the popcorn textured ceiling in any manner (scraping the texture, cutting holes for recess lightning, drilling, putting drywall over it, etc.) or (4) Cutting drywall finished with joint compound manufactured prior to 1982, you must retain a licensed contractor to test for asbestos and furnish a copy of the report findings to facilmgr@fairlingtonvillages.com. If the result is positive for the presence of asbestos, abatement must be performed by a licensed contractor prior to proceeding with work/renovations.