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Check out the April Newsletter!

  • Practice a daily habit with the Trash Hours Pilot Program
  • Review the top financial priorities with reserves, infrastructure maintenance, and grounds
  • Champion trees with a month of landscaping tasks
  • Find fun at our Easter Egg Hunt on April 8
  • Guess the wine on April 14
  • Hit the courts with these Tennis & Pickleball rules on pages 9 and 10.

Vote Your Proxy!

If you choose to use the paper proxy ballot to vote your selections for the 2023 Annual Meeting, you must place it in postage prepaid return envelope, both of which were included in your Annual Meeting Notice and mail/post-mark it no later than tomorrow, March 18th to ensure timely arrival at its destination.  You may mail your proxy ballot after that date, but you run the risk of it arriving too late to be entered.  Proxy ballots cannot be accepted at the Management Office

It’s easy to vote your Proxy for the Annual Meeting online by going to https://eballot.app/Fairlingtonvillages/login.cfm either on your computer at home or your smartphone.  A third level of authentication (your Unit Number) was added this year to enhance protection.  The Username and Password were mailed to you with your Annual Meeting Notice. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Management Office at (703) 379-1440. It’s  

This is a friendly reminder to the residents in the multi-unit buildings who control the shut off valves for the front faucets to please turn them on at your earliest convenience.

Vote Your Proxy For the Annual Meeting!


Get to know your candidates virtually

Ward II:
Ed Stollof: estollof.com
Donna Volpone: dvolpone.com

Ward III:
Harold Reem: h-reem.com

Ward V:
Sameer Shantaram: sshantaram.com

Philip Brown: p-brown.com

At- Large:
Vonda Bush: v-bush.com
Andrea Dies: a-dies.com

If you missed the Budget Seminar, you can check out the slides from it below:

How Should Arlington County Prioritize Spending? Take the survey!


If you do not have your 2023 decal on your car, you are subject to being towed.

You will need to show your Car Registration in order to get your new 2023 Parking Decal.  You will not be given your new sticker unless you show your Car Registration.  Photos of your registration are acceptable.

The Election Rules as Revised by the Board of Directors on January 4, 2023 are now available. If you would like a hard copy, please contact the office.

Check out the March Newsletter!

  • Spring into this 12 page newsletter and review Candidate Statements
  • Attend a Board of Directors Candidates’ Forum on March 8
  • Vote online through March 29
  • Elect four Directors at the 45th Annual Meeting on March 29
  • Find a committee where you can volunteer.


Renovations contemplated to a unit that impact building materials that are suspect for containing asbestos that could release fibers from the matrix of those building materials require a licensed asbestos inspector to test for the presence of asbestos in each of the rooms in which the renovations are contemplated, or in which a likelihood of disturbing certain finished surfaces containing those building materials exists (Subject Areas). Such renovations include, but are not limited to: (1) removal of original vinyl flooring, (2) removal of any flooring mastic manufactured prior to 1982, (3) removal and or replacement of older attic thermal system insulation (e.g. vermiculite), or that (4) Impact/disturb ceilings containing a popcorn finish, or ceilings finished with joint compound manufactured prior to 1982 (regardless of popcorn finish) in any manner (scraping the texture, cutting holes for recess lightning, drilling, putting drywall over it, etc.) or (5) Cut or otherwise disturb drywell finished with joint compound manufactured prior to 1982. A copy of the findings of the test shall be attached as an exhibit to a Variance prior to its submission.