The Special Commission on Potential Architectural Changes (SCOPAC) has released the attached Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in advance of the Community Forum the evening of Tuesday, June 13th.

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Renovations contemplated to a unit that impact building materials that are suspect for containing asbestos that could release fibers from the matrix of those building materials require a licensed asbestos inspector to test for the presence of asbestos in each of the rooms in which the renovations are contemplated, or in which a likelihood of disturbing certain finished surfaces containing those building materials exists (Subject Areas). Such renovations include, but are not limited to: (1) removal of original vinyl flooring, (2) removal of any flooring mastic manufactured prior to 1982, (3) removal and or replacement of older attic thermal system insulation (e.g. vermiculite), or that (4) Impact/disturb ceilings containing a popcorn finish, or ceilings finished with joint compound manufactured prior to 1982 (regardless of popcorn finish) in any manner (scraping the texture, cutting holes for recess lightning, drilling, putting drywall over it, etc.) or (5) Cut or otherwise disturb drywell finished with joint compound manufactured prior to 1982. A copy of the findings of the test shall be attached as an exhibit to a Variance prior to its submission.

Welcome to Fairlington Villages!

Due to poor air quality, the pools will not be opened today.

Please join the Association in welcoming Mr. Oscar Giron to the position of Administrative Manager for the Condominium.  Oscar brings with him well over twenty-three years of professional business experience and twelve years in various administrative positions culminating in Assistant Property Manager at Idylwood Towers Condominium, a Five-Hundred-unit twin tower hi-rise Condominium in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia, situated on twenty-three acres.  Oscar’s skill sets and experience position in all aspects of Common Interest Community Management make him ideally suited to fill the vacancy on Fairlington’s Management Team.  Please stop by the Management Office when you’re next able, say “Hello” and bid him welcome!

The June board meeting will be held Wednesday June 7th at 7pm. Below is the zoom link. For the passcode, please call or email the office during office hours.

The Special Commission on Potential Architectural Changes (SCOPAC) will be conducting a Community Forum on Egress Windows at the Community Center Tuesday, June 13, 2023, from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm.  Please plan to attend to hear about considerations for potentially allowing installation of basement egress windows in eligible units, to ask questions, and to provide comment!

The Board is calling for volunteers to staff and chair the Ad Hoc Committee on Multi-Unit Interior Renovation, established to assist the Board of Directors in the planned renovation of the interior common element hallways of the multi-unit buildings.  If you would like to join the Committee, please email expressing your interest.  Thank you in advance for considering to assist the Community by serving on this Committee!