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The Management Office is closed Friday, June 18th in observance of Juneteenth, a Federal Holiday.  The Association wishes you the best for a safe and happy holiday weekend. 

2021 Pool Season Update #6 – June 17, 2021

Lifeguards:  Fairlington Villages has added more domestic lifeguards to the staff and we are pleased to announce that as of this Saturday, June 19, we will have 5 pools open according to their full summer schedules. They are pools 1,2,3,4 & 5 !

Summer Hours: The full summer schedule is in effect which means that pools will be open from 11:00am- 8pm. Pool 2 is open later on weekends, from 11:00am -9:00pm and Pool 4 is open earlier on weekends, from 10:00am – 8pm.

Lifeguard Recruitment: Please continue to spread the word about our lifeguard shortage. We still plan to get Pool 6 open as soon as staff is available.  To assist in this effort, the Board has approved a Premium Pay incentive program where guards can earn an additional $500.00 monthly.   

Incident at Pool 4

The Condominium’s Bylaws, Rules & Regulations impose a common-sense duty of civility and respect on Owners and Residents toward each other, guests, employees, contractors, and other invitees.  That duty is breached whenever we engage publicly in bad behavior.  Sunday, just after dinner, individuals on the balcony of a multi-unit building surrounding one of the pools criticized and cajoled that pool’s lifeguard from some distance for exercising her discretion to allow adults in the pool to continue to swim laps during a scheduled break.  This drew counter-remarks from residents on the pool deck which themselves drew obscene gestures in return from at least on one of the residents.

Not only was the resulting exchange unpleasant, but it put those involved at risk for a rules citation from the Association.  And as the lifeguard is a minor, the exchange may also implicate provisions of the Arlington County Code and State law.   

Public behavior of this nature is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.  Those witnessing such behavior on weekends and after hours on weekdays need not wait for the Management Office to open but may contact the Police directly for immediate assistance. 

The Bathroom next to the Tot Lot is open! Please call the office for the code.

Fairlington Villages needs lifeguards.  

$12-$20 per hour PLUS $500 per month premium pay!

Please call the Office for more information.

Pool Season 2021

Signed Assumption of Risk Relating to Coronavirus/COVID19 Forms for Fairlington Villages, A Condominium and Premier Aquatics must be on file for each person intending to enjoy the swimming pools as well as those intending to make reservations.  These Forms only needs to be signed by each individual once for the 2021 season. Adults must sign their own forms and parents must sign the Parent or Guardian Additional Agreement (page 2 of the forms) if the children are under the age of 18.  The original signed forms must be turned into the Management Office before attempting to make reservations at the pools this summer.

Have questions about the 2021 Pool Season? Check out of FAQs below:


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