Welcome to Fairlington Villages!

Oktoberfest will be held on Saturday, September 24 at 6pm!


Fairlington Villages 2022 Pool Survey

Let us know what you think! Take the Fairlington Villages 2022 Pool Survey on TownSq. The link is in the announcements.


FY2023 Coupons

FY2023 Coupons (effective October 1, 2022) were ordered on August 25th.  The Order is in process.  Coupons should be mailed to unit owners directly from the printer by week’s end.  If your monthly assessments are paid through Direct Debit, your payment will adjust and be made automatically on October 5th.  If your monthly assessments are paid by some means other than using Direct Debit or Coupons, the amount of your new monthly assessment is available from the Management Office for you to make the adjustment to your selected method of payment prior to the October 1, 2022, due date.



Reminder: The NAWG will not be meeting in August. Its next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 27th at 7pm in the Community Center.


Check out the October Newsletter!

  • Take a look at the first phase of the Board -approved perimeter fencing project
  • Get a gold star when you get your 2023 parking decal early
  • Tackle enforcement of the excessive exhaust law with the Noise Abatement Working Group
  • Calculate your condo assessment payment options
  • Get ready for a scary good Children’s Halloween Party on October 31.




If renovations contemplated to your unit include:  (1) The removal of vinyl flooring, (2) Replacing the attic insulation, (3) Impacting the popcorn textured ceiling in any manner (scraping the texture, cutting holes for recess lightning, drilling, putting drywall over it, etc.) or (4) Cutting drywall finished with joint compound manufactured prior to 1982, you must retain a licensed contractor to test for asbestos and furnish a copy of the report findings to facilmgr@fairlingtonvillages.com. If the result is positive for the presence of asbestos, abatement must be performed by a licensed contractor prior to proceeding with work/renovations.