Villages Grounds Committee

Committee Role:
The primary function of the Grounds Committee is to support Fairlington Villages’ commitment to enhance the sustainability, safety and appearance of the community’s grounds.  Key focus areas include preserving harmonious landscape design, maintaining the tree canopy, and addressing policies and practices that align with current science. The Committee also monitors and makes recommendations regarding cost effective and environmentally sensitive approaches to problems such as drainage and erosion in order to protect the safety, integrity, accessibility of common areas and buildings; works to raise owner and tenant awareness of sustainable landscaping practices and Board-approved policies on gardening in patios and common areas through a variety of educational forums; and in partnership with management and the Board, works with Arlington County to address some of these areas, especially where County grants are available to reduce the cost of tree replacements and installation of some stormwater management solutions such as rain gardens.

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The Committee welcomes new members. To join the Committee or to learn more, please email: